Recommended nearby hotels (The daily room rate is around 1100 and specific rate for different hotels can be found in hotel booking website like, agoda or expedia):

# Name of the hotel MTR Station Walk to MTR station To Kowloon Tong Station (CityU), By MTR
1 Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin University 3 Minutes 15 minutes (4 stops)
2 Royal Park Hotel Shatin 8 Minutes 8 minutes (2 stops)
3 The Kowloon Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui 3 Minutes 15 minutes (6 stops)
4 Harbour Plaza Metropolis Hunghom 4 Minutes
8 minutes (2 stops from Hunghom)
5 Royal Plaza Hotel Mongkok East 2 Minutes 5 minutes (1 stop)
6 Metro Park Hotel, Mongkok Prince Edward 4 Minutes 5 minutes (2 stops)

COCOA 2016 will be held in LT401, City University of Hong Kong. See the map below. (Red marker)