The conference is held virtually via ZOOM. If you want to join FAW2020, please contact for zoom information.

Each talk will last for 25 minutes (20 minutes talk + 5 minutes Q&A).

October 19, 2020
Session Chair: Guochuan Zhang
Keynote Talk: Evripidis Bampis
Algorithmic multistage optimization
16:15-17:55 (25 mins each talk)

Section 1: Graph Theory

Session Chair: Chenchen Wu
Complexity Results for the Proper Disconnection of Graphs
You Chen, Ping Li, Xueliang Li and Yindi Weng
A Polynomial Delay Algorithm for Enumerating 2-Edge-Connected Induced Subgraphs
Yusuke Sano, Katsuhisa Yamanaka and Takashi Hirayama
An optimal algorithm for Bisection for bounded-treewidth graphs
Tesshu Hanaka, Yasuaki Kobayashi and Taiga Sone
Influence Maximization under The Non-Progressive Linear Threshold Model
T-H. Hubert Chan, Li Ning and Yong Zhang

October 20, 2020
Session Chair: Minming Li
Keynote Talk: Xujin Chen
Bounding Residence Times for Atomic Dynamic Routing
16:15-17:55 (25 mins each talk)

Section 2: Scheduling

Session Chair: Peng Zhang
Car-sharing: On-line Scheduling k Cars between Two Locations
Songhua Li, Leqian Zheng and Victor C.S. Lee
Buffer Minimization with Conflicts on a Line
Felix Höhne and Rob van Stee
Single Machine Scheduling Problem with a Flexible Maintenance Revisited
Dehua Xu , Limin Xu and Zhijun Xu
Minimizing Energy on Homogeneous Processors with Shared Memory
Vincent Chau , Chi Kit Ken Fong, Shengxin Liu, Elaine Yinling Wang and Yong Zhang

October 21, 2020
Session Chair: Xin Han
Keynote Talk: Kazuhisa Makino
Monotone Dualization and Related Topics
16:15-17:55 (25 mins each talk)

Section 3: Algorithm and Complexity

Session Chair: Ran Duan
Approximation Schemes for Subset Sum Ratio Problems
Nikolaos Melissinos, Aris Pagourtzis and Theofilos Triommatis
Two-way jumping automata
Szilard Zsolt Fazekas , Kaito Hoshi and Akihiro Yamamura
A Loopless Algorithm for Generating (k,m)-ary Trees in Gray-code Order
Yu-Hsuan Chang, Ro-Yu Wu , Cheng-Kuan Lin and Jou-Ming Chang
An LP-rounding based algorithm for a uniform capacitated facility location problem with penalties
Wei Lv and Chenchen Wu