Dali is located in the west of Chinese Yunnan Province, is under the jurisdiction of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, is also the capital of the state. Dali is located in the Bohai Plateau (basin) on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau , the Cangshan Mountain, and the coast of the Bohai Sea. It is the capital of the ancient Nanzhao and Dali countries.

According to contemporary sayings, Dali has four major views of "wind and snow", namely "Xiaguanfeng, Shangguanhua, Cangshan Snow, and Haihaiyue".

Surrounded by the simple and elegant Dali City, there are majestic and upright Cangshan, and the beautiful and beautiful sea. Cangshan is located in the west of the ancient city and belongs to the Yunling Mountains. The mountain is rich in plants and has nineteen peaks, eighteen streams, and butterfly springs. The winter snow is beautiful.

Located in the east of the ancient city, Bohai is the second largest freshwater lake in Yunnan Province and the seventh largest freshwater lake in China. It covers an area of 249 square kilometers and has three islands and four continents. The mountains, the sea, the city and the tower are all in one, and the scenery is infinitely beautiful.

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