Topic Areas

Topics of contributing papers include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

Intelligent Control and Automation

autonomous systems
linear and nonlinear control
learning and adaptive control
intelligent control
optimization-based and optimal control
fault detection and identification
hybrid intelligent systems
networked control
fuzzy logic control
industrial automation
neural control
process control
robot control
mechatronic systems
environmental monitoring and control
intelligent manufacturing systems
microprocessor-based control
motor control
power systems
vehicle control
aerospace applications and other applications

Intelligent Information Processing

machine learning
adaptive filtering
signal processing
audio/speech processing and coding
higher order spectral analysis
nonlinear & blind signal processing
neural signal processing
component analysis array signal processing
array signal processing
parallel and distributed processing
time series analysis
multimedia signal processing
design and implementation of signal processing systems
DSP Implementations and embedded systems
image and multidimensional signal processing
image processing & understanding
computer vision & pattern recognition
bioimaging and signal processing
multimedia communications
computer vision & virtual reality
next generation mobile communications
communication signal processing
modulation and channel coding
network coding
sensor networks
cryptography and information security and other applications