International Joint Conference on Theoretical Computer Science – Frontier of Algorithmic Wisdom

August 15-19, 2022, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Accepted Papers

Sijia Dai, Guichen Gao, Shengxin Liu, Boon Han Lim, Li Ning, Yicheng Xu and Yong Zhang

EFX under Budget Constraint

Han Dai, Weidong Li and Xiaofei Liu

An approximation algorithm for the H-prize-collecting power cover problem

Peihua Li and Jiong Guo

Possible and Necessary Winner Problems in Iterative Elections with Multiple Rules

Ling Gai, Dandan Qian and Chenchen Wu

Two-Facility Location Games with Distance Requirement

Man Xiao and Weidong Li

Online early work maximization on three hierarchical machines with a common due date

Daiki Miyahara and Takaaki Mizuki

Secure Computations through Checking Suits of Playing Cards

Qi Zhao, Wenjing Liu, Qizhi Fang and Qingqin Nong

Constrained Heterogeneous Two-facility Location Games with Max-variant Cost

Mengjing Chen, Yang Liu, Weiran Shen, Yiheng Shen, Pingzhong Tang and Qiang Yan

A Mechanism Design Approach for Multi-Party Machine Learning

Weian Li, Qi Qi, Changjun Wang and Changyuan Yu

Optimally Integrating Ad Auction into E-Commerce Platforms

Shufang Gong, Bin Liu and Qizhi Fang

Streaming Submodular Maximization with the Chance Constraint

Lu Dong, Miguel A. Mosteiro and Shikha Singh

Verifiable Crowd Computing: Coping with Bounded Rationality

Zhanghao Yao, Yukun Cheng and Zhiqi Xu

Equilibrium analysis of block withholding attack: an evolutionary game perspective

Xiang Liu, Weiwei Wu, Wanyuan Wang, Yuhang Xu, Xiumin Wang and Helei Cui

Budget-Feasible Sybil-Proof Mechanisms for Crowdsensing

Zhongyi Zhang and Jiong Guo

Colorful Graph Coloring

Zhongzheng Tang and Zhuo Diao

On the Transversal Number of Rank k Hypergraphs

Raghunath Reddy Madireddy, Subhas C Nandy and Supantha Pandit

Exact Algorithms and Hardness Results for Geometric Red-Blue Hitting Set Problem

Debajyoti Mondal, N. Parthiban and Indra Rajasingh

Bounds for the Oriented Diameter of Planar Triangulations

Ruixi Luo, Taikun Zhu and Kai Jin

String Rearrangement Inequalities and a Total Order Between Primitive Words

Lu Han, Vincent Chau and Chi Kit Ken Fong

Approximation Algorithms for Prize-Collecting Capacitated Network Design Problems