International Joint Conference on Theoretical Computer Science – Frontier of Algorithmic Wisdom

August 15-19, 2022, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


IJTCS Track A: Algorithmic Game Theory

After the submission is accepted, the authors can select to publish a full paper or 1-page extended abstract in the proceeding.

Typical but not exclusive topics of interest are:

  • Solution Concepts in Game Theory

  • Efficiency of Equilibria and Price of Anarchy

  • Complexity Classes in Game Theory

  • Computational Aspects of Equilibria

  • Computational Aspects of Fixed-Point Theorems

  • Repeated Games and Convergence of Dynamics

  • Cost-Sharing Algorithms and Analysis

  • Algorithmic Mechanism Design

  • Computing with Incentives

  • Decision Theory, and Pricing

  • Auction Design and Analysis

  • Economic Aspects of Distributed Computing


An extended abstract of no more than 12 pages to EquinOCS. Follow the format of IJTCS-FAW 2022.

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Program Chairs

  • Yukun Cheng, Suzhou University of Science and Technology

  • Zhengyang Liu, Beijing Institute of Technology

Program Committee

Xiang Yan, Huawei

Zhengyang Liu, Beijing Institute of Technology

Xujin Chen, Chinese Academy of Science

Zhigang Cao, Beijing Jiaotong University

Jie Zhang, University of Southampton

Tao Xiao, Huawei

Yukun Cheng, USTS

Mingyu Guo, The University of Adelaide

Weiran Shen, Renmin University of China

Ye Du, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Haoran Yu, Beijing Institute of Technology

Jinyan Liu, Beijing Institute of Technology

Zhiyi Huang, Hong Kong University

Xiaohui Bei, Nanyang Technological University

Zihe Wang, Renmin University of China

Qi Qi, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology