International Joint Conference On Theoretical Computer Science – Frontier of Algorithmic Wisdom

August 15-19, 2022, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Invited Speakers

Female Forum

Graph limits and graph homomorphism inequalities

Fan Wei

Princeton University

Graph limits is a recently developed powerful theory in studying graphs from a continuous perspective. In this talk, we will show how the perspective of graph limits helps with graph homomorphism inequalities and how to make advances in a common theme in extremal combinatorics: when does randomness give nearly optimal bounds? We will also show some hardness results for proving general theorems in this theme.

Fan Wei completed her PhD in mathematics in 2019 from Stanford University, where she was advised by Jacob Fox. She spent one year as a post-doctoral member at the Institute for Advanced Study where she was part of Avi Wigderson's CSDM (computer science and discrete math) program and funded through Founders’ Circle Member. She is currently an instructor at Princeton University math department, where she has and is funded by Simons Foundation, Algorithms & Geometry Unit, and NSF grant. She will join Duke University as assistant professor in mathematics next year.
Prior to that, she received bachelors degree in Mathematics from MIT, and a Master of Advanced Study with Distinction from Cambridge University, UK. She has also had internships at Microsoft Research New England and Microsoft Research Redmond Theory group.
Fan Wei's research is on extremal combinatorics, probabilistic combinatorics, applications of combinatorics to computer science. She is especially interested in using tools from probability, analysis and algebra to analyze large networks or other combinatorial objects.