MSN 2020
The 16th International Conference on Mobility, Sensing and Networking (MSN 2020)
Tokyo, Japan on 17 - 19 December 2020
Technically Co-sponsored by IEEE IEEE

Guidelines for Session Chairs

Responsibilities of Session Chairs

The session chairs are responsible for moderating the sessions virtually. The responsibility is basically similar to that of a face-to-face session, and the difference here is that you need to moderate the asynchronous Q&A in “Discussion” under each session besides the interactive session. When running the online session, you will be supported by a session host.

Before the conference

  • Check the Technical Program for the information about the session you will be chairing
  • Read the papers in your session as this will give you the required understanding and allow you to ask relevant questions. The papers are available at the virtual platform
  • IMPORTANT: Click “Discussion” button under your session and post a message in the “Leave a comment” on the virtual platform beforehand, e.g. “Welcome to post questions by specifying the paper title before the session starts”.  It is suggested that you post this message before the conference starts on Dec. 17. People from different time zones can post questions/comments in the "Discussion". It is an asynchronous function, and the discussion may start very early before the session. Therefore, you need to start the moderation before Dec. 17 and post a “start message” as previously mentioned very early. When someone posts a comment in the discussion of a session, you can send email to ask the authors to answer the questions through posting in the discussion or let them answer during the interactive session if there is no email response.
  • Please install Zoom in advance

At the session

  • The session would open 15-20 minutes before it starts by the session host
  • To enter the Zoom meeting for the session you will be chairing, go to the virtual platform and navigate to the day and session, then click the “Enter Zoom” button
  • You are reminded to enter the session 15 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin, so as to test your microphone and camera
  • The session host will set you as co-host so that you could control the session
  • When in Zoom, click “Participants” at the bottom. In the Participants pane, hover over your name and click “More” to rename your name to include the words “Session Chair”, e.g. Jack Chan (Session Chair)
  • Turn on your video to engage the attendees during the session and presenter introduction as well as Q&A
  • Once the talk video starts, you could turn off your video and mute yourself so that the attendees can focus on the talk video
  • The session host will record the whole session

Chairing the session

  • Verify that all presenters are present
  • Inform the attendees that the session would be recorded
  • Remind the participants to mute their microphones when they are not presented
  • Introduce yourself and the session
  • Introduce each presentation with the title, the presenter, the presenter’s affiliations before the video playback. If you find a presenter has failed to attend, please report it to the TPC Chairs ( after the session
  • Ensure each session starts and finishes on time, each presentation runs for
    • Main conference and workshop papers: 15 mins presentation (video playback) + 5 mins Q&A
    • Poster and demo papers: 8 mins presentation (video playback) + 2 mins Q&A
  • Remind the attendees that they can ask questions during each talk by typing into Zoom chat window at any time, these questions will be answered at the end of the talk. Authors should be answering the questions over audio, rather than using the chat window
  • Monitor the Zoom chat window for any questions and read the questions to the presenter during Q&A period. If chat window is not visible on Zoom, click Chat (or More->Chat)
  • Moderate the Q&A well, i.e. make sure questions and answers are short and sharp, and ensure the discussions remains professional. Ask attendees who ask a question to introduce themselves (name and affiliation)
  • If there are no questions from the audience, you can ask a few questions about the talk yourself
  • Towards the end of the Q&A, you can introduce the next talk
  • At the end of the session, conclude the session by summarizing the key insights across the papers of your session, thank everyone for their participation, and refer the audience and authors to the “Discussion” of the session on the virtual platform for any further discussions

After the session

  • Remove “Session Chair” from your name to avoid any confusions in other sessions you will be attending
  • Report to TPC Chairs ( for any no-shows


Important Days

  • August 8, 2020 (Firm)

    Paper Submission Due

  • July 15, 2020

    Paper Submission Due

  • September 15, 2020

    Author Notification

  • October 25, 2020

    Camera-Ready Due

  • December 17-19, 2020

    Conference Date

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